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While college acceptance exams are the most commonly known, secondary school admissions tests (SSAT) play an equally large role for many students. The SSAT exam is meant for private elementary, middle, and high schools to make important decisions about student admissions. For students striving to get accepted to a private school in the DC area, studying for the SSAT is essential.

Finding the best tutor in DC for your child is imperative and can drastically impact how well they perform on the SSAT. Luckily, Lotus Prep is here to help you find the best tutors in DC and help your child study for and excel on the SSAT.

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SSAT Explained

As mentioned before, SSAT exams are used by private schools to determine admissions. While this test undergoes a lot of changes, it is scored in a standardized manner, meaning the scoring does not change. The SSAT exam measures three main areas—verbal, quantitative, and reading skills.

The verbal section of the SSAT is thirty minutes long and consists of 30 synonym and 30 analogy questions. This portion of the SSAT tests the strength of the student’s vocabulary and their ability to relate similar ideas.

The quantitative portion of the SSAT, on the other hand, is meant to measure the student’s knowledge of basic quantitative concepts, including basic algebra and geometry. This portion of the exam is divided into two thirty minute long sections with 25 questions each.

Finally, the reading comprehension section of the SSAT exam is forty minutes long and has 40 questions based on reading passages included in the test. This portion evaluates the student’s ability to accurately comprehend a variety of readings.

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Best Tutors in DC for the SSAT

As you can imagine, a tutor can help improve your SSAT scores drastically. In fact, according to the New York Times, tutored students out performed non-tutored students by an average of 98%. This is a major difference which truly shows the importance of tutoring, especially for standardized tests like the SSAT.

With Lotus Prep, we can help get you set up with some of the best SSAT tutors in DC. We begin by first assessing your learning style and the strengths and weaknesses you have academically. This will help us match you with the best tutor for your specific needs. Your tutor will then customize a learning plan specifically for you based off a real test under timed conditions.

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If you or your child would like to improve SSAT or SAT scores, Lotus Prep has you covered. We have connections to the best tutors in DC to help improve these test scores. You can contact us online or simply give us a call at 202.LOTUS.10 (202.568.8710).

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