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Education is one of the most valuable aspects of our lives, and ensuring your child receives the best possible education is often at the forefront of any parent’s mind. DC has some of the best private schools in the nation, and in order to get accepted to these schools, your child must take the SSAT and pass the admissions process.

The SSAT exam is quite thorough, and SSAT tutoring can help improve your child’s test scores. At Lotus Prep, we can set you up with the best tutor in DC for your child’s specific learning style. Before you request a quote from us, let us fill you in on the SSAT exam and our tutoring system.

Many schools in the DC area use the SSAT as a core part of their admissions process. Students need to score in the 75th percentile to get into the school of their choice. This is where Lotus Prep can help. We offer 1 percentile tutoring to students in the DC area and have a customized, scalable SSAT tutoring program to help prepare for the testing process.

What is the SSAT?

The SSAT exam is the standardized test that private schools use to determine admissions. Although the SSAT goes through a number of changes, the exam is scored in a standardized manner. Additionally, the SSAT focuses on critical thinking and problem solving to help students better prepare for academic success.

The SSAT is divided into three sections—verbal, quantitative, and reading comprehension. The verbal section is thirty minutes long and includes 30 synonym questions and 30 analogy questions. The verbal portion of the SSAT is meant to test the student’s vocabulary and ability to relate ideas to one another.

The quantitative portion of the SSAT consists of two thirty minute long sections. Heavy on algebra and geometry, this portion of the SSAT examines the student’s ability to understand and work through basic mathematical formulas and problems.

Finally, there is the reading comprehension portion of the SSAT. This portion is forty minutes long and consists of 40 questions based on reading passages provided in the SSAT exam. This tests the student’s knowledge of the readings and well as their ability to understand the material.

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SSAT Tutoring from Lotus Prep

The SSAT, like nearly every standardized test, can be extremely difficult and stressful. SSAT tutoring can help improve your child’s test scores and increase their chances of getting accepted to the private school they desire. In fact, according to the New York Times, tutored students out-performed non-tutored students by an average of 98%. This is not a minor increase, and shows exactly how important an SSAT tutor in DC is.

At Lotus Prep, we can help connect you with some of the best SSAT tutors in DC. We will assess your learning style to ensure the tutor we set you up with is the perfect fit for your child’s learning style. Then, we will craft a custom learning plan specifically designed for your child to assure the highest SSAT scores possible.

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Lotus Prep Tutors

If you believe your child could benefit from SSAT tutoring, contact Lotus Prep today for a quote by calling 202.LOTUS.10 (202.568.8710).

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