Top 1 Percentile SSAT Prep Tutors


A Lotus Tutor Will Teach Your Child Exactly How to Master the SSAT & Get Into Top-Ranked High Schools

Your son or daughter will learn:

  • Proven processes from top 1 percentile tutors
  • How to turn any seemingly impossible question into a much simpler puzzle
  • 12 techniques to get into the minds of the creators of the SSAT

4.9 stars from customer reviews

Your expert mentor

Your Lotus tutor gives your child 1-on-1, customized, efficient lessons. Our laser-focused guidance ensures no wasted time on concepts already mastered. Every precious minute is spent turning your child’s weaknesses into strengths.

Scientific studies prove: tutored students beat classroom students

  • Taught by tutor
  • Taught in class

Tutored students improve
more than classroom students

Source: Bloom, B. The Two-Sigma Problem, University of Chicago.
Dr. Bloom and Dr. Anania randomly assigned students to tutors or classrooms. The average tutored student improved 1.84x more than the average classroom-taught student.

Where It All Starts: The 100% Customized Learning Plan

We give your child a real SSAT. We take their answers, and we develop a Learning Plan. It is a syllabus customized to your son or daughter’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

We look closely at exactly which questions were answered right or wrong. Every Learning Plan is grounded in our long experience helping students with trouble areas.

The Lotus program is always comprehensive, but we will focus more on turning weak areas into strong ones.

learning plan

Battle-Tested and Proven Results

This is not a typical “course” and it does not have typical results. Hundreds of students have used Lotus to master the SSAT. Our students have gone on to attend the best schools in the world – Exeter, Andover, Sidwell Friends, National Cathedral School, St. Albans, and many others.

Expert mentorship on demand

It’s easy to schedule sessions with your Lotus tutor. Your child can even meet with their tutor via secure video chat. So you can choose to master the SSAT at any place and time, whether that’s right after tennis practice or … even from a beach chair.


We only hire top performers

  • Lotus standard (top 1 percentile)
  • Kaplan standard (90th percentile)
  • Varsity Tutors standard (90th percentile)
  • Average (50th percentile)

Here’s what a few of our clients are saying

The girls both got into Sidwell Friends. Thank you so much.

Edward L.

I couldn’t believe it, but Mike had fun. He was actually excited to take his lessons with Sean. And yes, he did end up getting into Exeter 🙂

Christine C.

DD got into National Cathedral School! Thank you again.

Erin F.

4.9 stars from customer reviews