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Superpowers for standardized tests

Our top 1 percentile tutors break down standardized tests (like the SAT and SSAT) and teach you exactly how to master them.

Get proven processes, turn impossible questions into simple puzzles, subdue your test, and get into your dream schools.

Your expert mentor

Your Lotus tutor gives you 1-on-1, customized, efficient lessons aimed only at you. Our laser-focused guidance ensures you never waste time on concepts you’ve mastered. Every precious minute is spent destroying your weaknesses.

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You’re in elite company

Thousands of students have used Lotus to master the SAT, SSAT, or LSAT. They’ve improved their logical reasoning, gotten into their dream schools, and changed their lives for the better. Our students have gone on to attend the top schools in the world – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and many others.

We only hire top performers

  • Lotus standard (99th percentile)
  • Kaplan standard (90th percentile)
  • Varsity Tutors standard (90th percentile)
  • Average (50th percentile)
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All materials included

You don’t have to buy anything extra. We ship all the books and materials you’ll need for free.

Our customers love us

Tutored students beat classroom students

  • Taught by tutor
  • Taught in class

Tutored students improve
more than classroom students

Source: Bloom, B. The Two-Sigma Problem, University of Chicago.
Dr. Bloom and Dr. Anania randomly assigned students to tutors or classrooms. The average tutored student improved 1.84x more than the average classroom-taught student.

How the Learning Plan works

We give you a real SAT. We take your answers, and we develop a Learning Plan. It is a syllabus customized to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

We look closely at exactly which questions you answered right or wrong. Each Learning Plan is grounded in our long experience helping students with trouble areas.

The Lotus program is always comprehensive, but we might focus more strongly on linear equations or science reading passages. It all depends on what needs work.

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