In the beginning, we couldn’t find the education company we wanted to see in the world, so we built it ourselves.

We set the highest standards for instructors because we believe experts are better teachers. We built our courses around advances in teaching deliberate practice, which is the fastest road to mastery.

Since our founding, hundreds of students applying to highly selective schools have chosen intensive prep with Lotus Prep’s top 1 percentile tutors.

And for good reason.

They want to maximize their scores.

We’ve all seen the exposés about standardized tests. Admissions to the most selective schools are scandalously dependent on your test scores.

Even a marginally higher score can mean the difference between a fat envelope and a rejection letter. In this climate, therefore, we strongly recommend intense preparation regardless of what study method you choose.

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Company history

Lotus Prep is a company of expert tutors who love to teach. We help students reach their best possible scores with intense preparation from top 1 percentile expert teachers. Lotus Prep offers tutoring for the SAT or ACT (college), SSAT (private high school), LSAT (law school), GRE (graduate or business school), MCAT (medical school), or GMAT (business school).